Car Title Loans in Irving, Texas

Financial troubles can be extremely stressful. You'll understand what we mean if you've ever been laid off work, or had unexpected medical bills, or needed to pay for a major repair and couldn't afford it. The problem becomes twice as worrisome if you have bad credit. After all, if your credit was in good shape, all you'd have to do is apply for a personal loan to get you over the hurdle. But when the banks turn you down, where can you go?

There are basically four borrowing options for people with bad credit.

  1. Borrow from family. Asking friends and family can be embarrassing, and you may not get the money.
  2. Pawn your things. While pawning can put cash in your hands in a matter of minutes, you'll only get a fraction of what your belongings are worth.
  3. Get a payday loan. Payday loans are basically advances on your payday. These are usually small-dollar loans, and you have to have a bank account and a job to qualify.
  4. Get a car title loan. Title loans can put thousands of dollars in your hands without a credit check. You don't need a bank account, a job or good credit to qualify.

How Auto Title Loans in Irving, Texas Work

Vehicle title loans in Irving are secured loans that don't involve a credit check or a background check. They do involve surrendering the title to a vehicle you own as collateral. While you make your payments, lenders like us at Arlington Title Loan hold your title in a safe place. Once the loan is paid off in full, we return your title and close your loan account. It's as easy as that!

To qualify for car title loans in Irving, you must meet the following four criteria.

  1. You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. You must be a legal U.S. resident.
  3. You must have regular monthly income.
  4. You must own a fully paid-off car.

The title to your car MUST be in your name. If the car was gifted to you and is in someone else's name, either that person will have to apply for the loan or sign the title over to you. If you share the title with another person, both of you will have to apply for the loan. If you've lost your title, visit the Irving Department of Motor Vehicles to apply for a replacement. As of 2018, the cost for a replacement car title is $5.45, according to

Applying for Auto Title Loans in Irving TX

Applying for our car title loans in Irving isn't intimidating at all. In fact, you can begin online Arlington title loans by filling out our loan quote form. Select your vehicle's information from the drop-down menu. We need to know its year, make, model and body style in order to provide you with the most accurate loan quote possible. Click through to the next page to enter your -contact- information.

We'll then direct you to your personalized loan quote. Since our loans are based on what your vehicle is worth, you can borrow thousands of dollars without submitting to a credit check!

After we send you your quote for title loans in Irving, one of our friendly representatives will call you. If you're ready to complete your application and pick up your check, we'll make an appointment for you to visit one of our convenient locations in the Arlington, TX area.

When you come, bring these with you:

  • Your driver's license
  • The vehicle in question
  • The original title
  • Proof of registration and insurance
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residence

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Do you need money urgently? Do you suffer with damaged credit? Have you been turned down for a loan before? Then come to us! We're in the business of saying yes!

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